Hi readers my name is Ariel, welcome to theunspokentestimony!

On Monday, September 5 2016 I became a born again Christian. For some of you who may not know what that means (I honestly did not at that time), to be born again or saved is to accept Christ in your life as your personal Savior. In my Christian walk, I have learned to overcome battles and struggles, many of which stemmed from childhood.

Beginning at around age 8, I experienced depression and anxiety firsthand. With no one to run to, I was never able to express the pain. Instead, I lived entrapped in silence and fear for most of my adolescent years. I know what it is like to go most of life feeling like I have missed out on happiness. To feel empty inside to the point where it becomes second nature. Whether being in school, public or even around friends and family, the feeling of lonliness always traveled with me.

Here on my blog, I will be posting bi-weekly commentaries and poems as part of  Motivational Monday’s and Wisdom Wednesday’s @8am (Standard Eastern Time). In sharing my experiences and lessons learned, I hope to encourage you all to keep pressing forward as that day of victory will come. This world can be a scary place without any sense of direction. However everything in life is a day by day process, beginning with admitting those secrets kept hidden. With those of you who are looking for your door to freedom, the opportunity is now! In learning how wonderful God is, it would only be right to spread His goodness with you all.

If anyone has any specific topics or questions that they would like to see discussed on here, as well as personal questions and inquiries, please email me at theunspokentestimony@gmail.com.

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Stay tuned!