What Does Success Look Like to You?

As a society we are programmed to want more. To lust after what we do not have.

I know for many, myself including, it is often very easy to associate the term “lust” with sex. But we must keep in mind that the definition of lust is simply to have an excessive desire for something we don’t have.

For some it can be sex, for others it can be for money, fame, power and possessions.

Why This is Dangerous

The Bible warns us about lusting over material things. For it tells us in 1 John 2:16-17 that “the desire for possessions, and wordly arrogance–is not from the Father but is from the world. And the world and its desires are fading away, but the person who does God’s will remains forever.

What this isn’t saying is that material possessions are evil but lusting for it is. If we, especially as believers, know that material things can easily be stripped from us (as it can be so easily given), then we must not place our entire worth, trust and security in it. The moment we agree in our hearts that we “love money” or that we “love the power it brings” separates us from the Father.

For this reason, it is important that we question the motives of our heart.

When you pray or create a goal list, are you asking for material or eternal success? Are you asking God to bring you pleasure or to share the wealth with someone else?

Maybe you’ve been stripped from your job? Maybe you can’t seem to earn a decent living or are struggling to get noticed for your hard work on the job?

It is important to know where the posture of your heart lies while asking or facing these situations. In fact, it tells us in James 4: 3, “And even when you ask, you don’t get it because your motives are all wrong–you want only what will give you pleasure. You adulterers! Don’t you realize that friendship with the world makes you an enemy of God?”

I see this verse as a loving warning, urging us to flee from temptation before it consumes it. And no, not because God hates us or doesn’t want great for us (which we know is far from the truth). Because with our Father, we understand it is never an act of limitation but of protection. Therefore what appears to be a lack of simply can be God’s way of removing the idols from your heart to remind you to put Him first!

If you are someone who is motivated to become wealthy, talented and accomplished, make sure you are doing so with the intent pleasing God’s desires (not yours) first. Every desire, every decision made must fall in alignment of God’s Will for your life.

In the end, we can have all the money in the world but what security will this bring? What good will it be if we are so caught up in material that we must keep up to attain it? Where as with the Father, there will never be too much that we can bear? There will always be room for us to achieve and to prosper.


Where does your motivation lie? What do you hope to accomplish during this season of your life? Please feel free to share down in the comments below ❤️

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2 thoughts on “What Does Success Look Like to You?

  1. Thanks for this post Ariel! I feel like as Christians we also have to be intentional about filtering out people who possess the kind of worldly success that social media has caused obsession over. I go as far as to block, unfollow and mute anyone who makes me develop an unhealthy or unchrist-like desire for success. We must control our own appetites! God doesn’t want anyone poor and suffering. But at the same time, not all success is good 💞.


    1. You’re welcome Joan ❤️ What you stated there is an excellent point! It is a must for us to filter our surroundings and environments; for scripture warns us of bad company corrupting good character. Even if it seems harmless, we know not to engage with anything going against the Word of God. Crucifying our fleshly desires in substitution for His which are always guaranteed to be greater!

      To add to this, I also feel like from time to time we must also have a heart check (you know the way we’d check up on physical exams from the doctor, we should also have spiritual and mental checks too). Sometimes we think we are doing right by God in mind but our spirit says differently. It is important that we always go to the Word for specific instruction, remembering that we don’t always know everything we do. Ensuring that our intentions mean well and that we stand right in His presence 💖

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