Suicide Prevention: Fight Against the Holiday Blues!

First I want to say, Happy 4th of July!

For those of you who have plans for today, I hope you have fun 😊 And most importantly, are safe and responsible! As for those of you who are not doing much other than the norm (staying in the house), that can be fun too!

Holiday Blues: Effects of Loneliness 

As we all know, holidays are suppose to be a time of rejoice and happiness with family, friends and loved ones. But what about those who don’t have anyone during the holidays? Those who either don’t have family members or don’t enjoy being in the company of their relatives? Those who don’t have friends or whose friends all have plans that don’t involve them. Then what?

  1. Understand that holidays are entirely commercialized, it’s just another day! Trust me, I know more than anyone else how it feels to stay at home and feel completely miserable. For me, it wasn’t something I went through every year but I’ve experienced a few holidays where I did absolutely nothing and it sucked! Loneliness is a killer and it’s so easy to look at others, wishing to have what they have. My advice to you is to flip the situation around! Don’t look at what you lack but use what is around you. Look at what is in your hands and can be up for grabs!
  2. Go out and find something to do! If there are people that maybe you haven’t messaged or called, reach out to them and see what they’re up too! Or look to see online for any events. Given the holiday, there should be some fireworks or shows in a nearby area. Could find someone else out there looking for something to do as well! (And if you suffer from social anxiety, that’s completely understandable. Just go out for a picnic and do something that’ll keep your mind focused on having fun, even if it’s “me-time”)
  3. Pamper yourself, you deserve it! Adding off of what I mentioned prior, take this time to get to do the things you’d like to do for yourself! Go on a date with yourself, get pampered and relax a little 🙂 There’s no harm in investing in yourself, if anything please do more of it! And this doesn’t have to be super high maintenance either. If you can’t or don’t want to go out, there’s plenty of things you can do while you are at home. Paint your nails, order some food, watch a movie, read book, get some exercise, do what works best for you ❤
  4. Try to minimize your time on social media! It can be very easy to become overwhelmed and fill your mind with comparisons. For these reasons, I urge you to say no to the social media world (or keep the time at a minimum), and tune in to your reality time for this day! Substitute the time you would be scrolling up and down your news-feed with free writing, meditating, reading up on some blogs (like this one 🙂 ), viewing YouTube/TedTalk videos or watching your favorite movies and shows. The more time you put in for yourself, the better you will feel.
  5. If the thoughts become too unbearable, don’t be afraid to seek for help! There are a ton of options you have to keep peace of mind. You can read the Bible and pray off your anxiety/depression…whatever it is that’s affecting you. You can also phone a trusted and reliable person. Or call a hotline to keep you company during the day. Don’t look down at yourself, and definitely do not feel ashamed. We all go through our own struggles, you are not alone!

I hope these tips help in any way possible. Tried not to be so cliche because I know when you need help, you need real advice (and not a bunch of fluff)!

As of yesterday, I created a Facebook group page so for anyone interested in keeping the conversation going, check out theunspokentestimony! This is a great opportunity for anyone looking for daily inspiration, more connections and sharing/seeing personal stories!

If there’s anyone who you feel may need this post, kindly share or refer them to this page. Feel free to leave a comment about how you’re coping.

And of course if you do have Fourth of July plans, do share!

Hope you all are having an amazing and inspired week! Can’t wait to read all of your responses ❤


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