Join My 31 Day Pescatarian/Vegetarian Challenge

Hey loves, good morning!

Lately it’s been pondering my heart and spirit to fully invest in myself. It’s important to have goals that improve your emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical state.

I think sometimes it’s easy for us to focus on some areas over others.

My issue, personally, is being so task oriented that I neglect to care for my body. When it comes to carrying out assignments, improving my thoughts, or simply moving unto the next, I am all for it. But tell me to eat right and exercise consistently, and you’ll find me struggling haha!

Don’t you realize that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You do not belong to yourself.” (1 Corinthians 6:19, NLT)

One thing I absolutely love about God’s Word is how each Scripture provides multiple interpretations (dependent upon what angle you look at it from, and of course how the Holy Spirit guides you). What I mean by this is, you can read one verse, and apply it to your life in so many different ways, Although this particular one specifically refers to sexual sin and remaining pure in God’s presence, I like to also look at this as a focus point for better physical care all around.

During the Pinky Promise Conference, Heather introduced Dr. Agoli as the speaker for nutritional health. For this segment, he stressed the importance of eating well. According to his years of extensive research, Agoli made clear that the best medicine for any sickness or health/medical issue is food.

Doctor Agoli exposes what this world claims to be “hereditary and genetic defects” by classifying such ailments as instead lifestyle diseases (naming diabetes as one). So many people are misinformed about health and nutritional information, and because of this, they don’t know how costly their diet is to their life.

When’s the last time you thought you made a decision for you body“, is a question he asked. If you’ve visited the doctor recently, what was your immediate response to said diagnosis. Were you too trusting or did you leave room for speculation?

Agoli explained how we are so ready to take whatever medication is thrown at us, without doing first our research. Did you look carefully at the substance, let alone pray to God concerning this decision?

These thought provoking questions really made me think about how poorly I was tending to my body. And if this body is God’s and not mine own, why am I not taking care of it (and better yet how can I start)?

Thus This Is Where The Conviction Arose To Do Healthy Eating…Or At Least a Test Trial

After the seminar discussion was over, my mind kept pondering on the idea more and more. But of course my greedy self was not having it lol. But the more I thought about it, the more I realized, “this actually wouldn’t be so hard.”

I mean for the entire stay in Atlanta, I had eaten mostly seafood, fish and vegetables (aside from those burgers at Hard Rock Cafe which were good but honestly I can wean off of).

I am not going to lie when I say this won’t be easy, I mean I love chicken and I LOVE bacon. You can threaten to take some stuff away from me but those meats, ehhh we got to see. But at the same time it won’t be hard either, and it shouldn’t if I want to live a long life.

But all jokes aside, food really does have the power to affect your emotional, cognitive and spiritual state. Eating poorly can cause mood swings, trouble sleeping, difficulty concentrating and a series of other irregular bodily functions (which shout out to the book I am currently reading, WomanCode, which is giving me all the juicy deats)!

Starting next month, I will be committed to not only following a pescetarian diet but also exercising more. Not saying that I am going to push myself over the edge but it’s definitely time to make some real lifestyle changes; ones that overflow in each area of my life.

When truth is presented to you, you are held accountable for what you do/do not act upon. And so this is what I am going to keep reminder of during this July 31 day journey.

My intentions are to record my daily progress right here on theunspokentestimony (which means I will be posting 3 days a week, woohoo)!! I hope for you to join me along this journey in honoring your God given body. We are servants of the Lord, and must do all we can to preserve our temple! So please join me during this experience, and I hope to hear good reports!


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