Moving With Urgency

Hello my loves!

Most of you may know through my Instagram and previous postings about my weekend trip to Atlanta, Georgia for the Pinky Promise Conference (hosted by Heather Lindsey). I must say the venue is absolutely beautiful, and the event itself is life changing (as I’ve said the entire stay, Heather really knew what she was doing with this one)!

Heading to the trip, I felt so excited. I knew in my spirit that this conference wasn’t an ordinary get away but instead a “refresher”. An opportunity allowing me to hit the “restart button” on my life. Lord knows I was losing my spark.

Over the course of a few weeks, I felt myself give in to certain doubts and fears. Less and less I slowly was relinquishing my power, losing my confidence in His abilities.

It became more exciting (for the moment) to come up with ideas, and Hear his plans, over actually going forth with them. I didn’t know where the procrastination was coming from, but I knew the distractions were real and that I needed change immediately.

The aftermath

I thank God for this trip because I now have the revelation inspiring (not just exciting me) to move. Before I was waiting on that hot moment to drop stuff. I knew God was speaking to me, urging me to act, but I kept holding myself back. I would not only put stuff off but have no clue when the right time to act was. But as Heather mentioned in the conference, it’s God’s timing when there’s a sense of urgency in your heart.

Ask yourself this

Has God instructed you to work on something?

Has He told you to move forward with a specific plan.

Do you feel a sense of urgency in your heart, to a point that you either can’t stop thinking about it?

Are there people around you who are in need of what you have to offer?

Don’t Fuel Your Worries

We convince ourselves that we are incapable of pursuing purpose. For some it’s insecurity and doubt while for others its worry and fear.

We tell ourselves it’s simply just not the right time.

Many of us give in to our own perception of how the situation will play out (oblivious to the fact that it is God who knows how our journey begins and ends). It becomes easier to base what is/isn’t impossible by the capacity our strength holds (which is limited, you know).

Somewhere down the line we let go of God’s hand. Almost telling Him, “hey I got this from here. I can do it on my own now.” Only to find yourself deep in error.

Trust God more than you trust yourself.

It’s easy to want to be in control of our decisions. Calling the shots and playing the trial and error game. However it is much more difficult to surrender to God, seeing your wisdom as mere foolishness. (1 Corinthian 3:18)

The reason He has told you to move now is because whatever you need to complete is designated for this specific season. He knows you are not able to do it on your own strength, and so He asks for your total dependence on Him. The Lord is intentional, and needs you to move because He knows your gifting and calling is needed to save someone’s soul.

Maybe that person desperately needs that book you are about to release. This person needs you to go up there and post a video, or create a song or paint a portrait or travel to their hometown (you get the picture)!

Refrain from giving up or holding off any longer because they need it! Don’t delay any longer, a perfect moment does not exist.

The enemy loves for us to become entangled in fear. To him, “if I can get him/her focused on (selfish) desires and doubts, I can prevent them from finishing God’s assignment.”

My best bet is what stops you from doing what you need to do is doubting your ability to execute.

Our confidence drops down and our insecurities sink in. Forgetting that it is God who appoints us, we feed into the idea that we are not adequate in our position. We are in shock of the impact we hold unto others, and remain in this gap of uncertainty and disbelief.

I am here to tell you to drop this mentality, and remain strong with a kingdom (and not self) mindset.

The works completed are for the purpose of helping others. This life form isn’t for us, and the sooner we understand that, the more rapidly and passionately we will work.

Whether it be a short term or long term move, a request placed on your heart from above (or even a simple goal you want for yourself personally), take the advice given to you. Act immediately, and give it your all.

Write down reminders as to why you wanted to take action in the first place. Don’t be so overwhelmed, stopping short at how big your dream is.

God is greater than any and everything. It is because of Him, that you will flourish. And most importantly, it is because of Him, that you will be able to extend the blessing of life, providing hope for someone else out there.


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Writer who spreads Christ's message to deliver lost souls from their painful beginnings so they can experience a transformed renewing.

5 thoughts on “Moving With Urgency

    1. Thank you! Amen sister in Christ 😊 He never lets us down for it says in His Word that our paths be made straight. God loves us, and can see far beyond anything we believe to be true in plain sight. His love never fails ❤️


  1. Amen, and to God be the glory for all the souls you have and will continue to touch ❤️ Let Him lead you, and you will see more and more doors open. Your time to increase God’s kingdom is right here at your feet.


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