If Only You Could See

If you could only see what I see,
If I had a visual simulation, I’d take you with me.

You see for a bit over a year, I have turned towards the Light,
And my oh my have things never been so bright.

Once upon a time my mind was jaded,
but how each remnant of my past has faded.

No longer does my heart desire for my old man,
but instead all of what resides in me which says “I can”.

Trials and tribulations still come my way,
but with the Lord on my side each struggle He takes on so that I can make another day.

His essence is like none I have seen before,
with such infinite love that pouts out more and more.

Just when I felt like giving up,
He swept me in His arms and showed me a different side to things.

How in a world of hate,
He can reel in sweet savory bait.

A taste of faith is all that it takes,
to make this such a better place.

They may criticize, they may mock.
But I am never going to go back against what He has taught.

Some may admire you,
others may despise you.

But the comfort in knowing His truth,
is all it takes to get this journey soaring high beyond any roof.


These are all things they want you to believe.
But my dear don’t you see?
There is more to life than what they expect you to be.

It’s not about the material worth,
if it ends up causing you so much hurt.

You say you want to be free.

Truthfully that can happen, only if you let God lead.
Follow Him and let Him plant His seed.
And I guarantee you He will take you where you have always been destined to be.



As you guys may (or may not) have remembered, I will be in Atlanta for the Pinky Promise conference. With this trip, I just know there’s going to be some good stuff to pour out to you all!

Thank you to everyone again who has sent me their prayers and donations. You have all been a wonderful help, and because of you I get to experience this life changing event!

During the time being I just please ask that you take the time to really think of some topics you’d like to see discussed. It can be anything relative to personal living, motivation and everyday routines. As I stated in the post prior, I don’t want this page to be filled with content for my sake but to be an open space filled with community and engagement!

I hope you guys stay encouraged and that the poem above is a blessing to you or someone you know!

Take advantage of the comment section, it is yours to explore!

Have a wonderful week my loves!


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Writer who spreads Christ's message to deliver lost souls from their painful beginnings so they can experience a transformed renewing.

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