Share Your Testimony

First of all, I just want to say thank you to each and every one of you who are tuned into theunspokentestimony! When I look at how many people read, view and follow, it really warms my heart. Not because of numbers but because of impact.

The purpose of what I aim to do here is to build community. To create a place for people to reflect, to feel safe. To be able to openly and freely talk about life’s difficulties. To not feel judged or afraid for saying what’s on your heart.

When I post my content, I want to stimulate thought. To build courage, and to ignite confidence.

Life can be challenging, I’ll be the first one to admit it. How I lived most of my years wasn’t easy. But if I can be quite honest, it’s only as difficult as we make it to be. And I can gladly say this because it’s taken years and will take even more to continue molding into the strong woman God calls me to be. Because of Him, I am growing into my true form. For Him, and Him alone, is why I want to encourage you to do better for yourself.

While some may not see a following of over 100 followers to be much, (surprise we made it, woohoo 🎉) I believe it to be huge because it’s only the beginning. I see you as more than a “follower” but as family. And because we are a family, I want to continue to pour as much knowledge as possible.

When you’re lonesome, you feel you have no one guiding you. You believe no one is there but I am here to tell you that you have a whole body of Christ (multitude of Christian believers whom we call to be our brothers and sisters) waiting for your arrival (welcoming you into all His richness) ❤️

As I’ve said from the beginning, and will continue to say now until the end!

I really do encourage you guys to share your thoughts and feedback. I don’t want this space to be reserved only for my thoughts.

  • What are you struggling with?
  • Where do you feel most weak?
  • How can you seek deliverance?

Don’t be shy or afraid, I am all ears 👂 Please use the comment section to release any and all thoughts. I am always interested in not only learning more about you, but also learning from you!

If you’re someone who’s more private, feel more than welcomed to email me or reach me privately through my Instagram. My DM’s are always open (and shout out to those who already take advantage because I really do enjoy the conversation).

This here is your outlet to feel wanted and appreciated! Nothing is shared, without your consent. Say as much as you want, and pour out as deeply as you wish.

And remember, your story is important! What you go through is needed for others to know.

Because of hurt, I blocked out others. Only letting them know parts of me but never letting them get to close to me in fear of getting burned. I used to fear letting others in until I realized that a confession is the only way to truly be set free. A testimony spoken is a testimony that saves lives.


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Writer who spreads Christ's message to deliver lost souls from their painful beginnings so they can experience a transformed renewing.

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