Self Investment Series: Look the Part

So for a while now, I have been talking about refocusing your priorities, mindset and direction. This time though, I want to dive into something I also feel is important.

Aside from the emotional, psychological and spiritual changes, it is important to keep up with the physical.

Keeping up with your presentation is very important (more than you can possibly think).

Some people may think that you shouldn’t really care while others feel you should. And that is okay, as we know personal preference is important. I for one, have played both fields.

I remember in high school taking pride in the way I dressed, as most young girls do. Practicing with (eye) makeup, wearing heels/booties and playing around with different looks and styles. Somewhere down the line though, once I started college, I lost interest. Because of how chill and laid back the environment was, I just didn’t see the importance of looking cute (especially when I’d spend almost most of my days trapped in my dorm).

Gradually, I started to wear little to no makeup, and would just wear whatever I felt like (which 70% was sweats or shirt and jeans).  Didn’t really go as crazy, and definitely didn’t shop as much.

So What Is My Point?

Last year, I remember just looking in the mirror and being bored with the “natural look”.

After all this time saying that “I didn’t care” about hair, makeup and nails, I realized that it would be nice to switch up for a change. The same plain Jane routine just didn’t make the cut for me anymore.

One thing is though, I have always admired other women who took the time to style themselves. And just something in me really wanted to do that too. I remember thinking to myself that beautifying you is about whatever works for you. It’s whatever makes you feel beautiful, which is very personal. And “beautifying you” isn’t just limited to IG models, it’s for everyone.

So entering 2018, I wanted to go back to my “usual slay”. Although I’ve never been one to study trends and things of that nature, I just enjoy looking and feeling good.

So I went back to wearing my eye makeup, investing in my wardrobe and now wearing hair (hair as in wigs/weaves. Something I did rarely but am now doing consistently because it’s just sooooo much easier).

Please understand this isn’t a post promoting to hate the way God made you naturally. I’m not promoting insecurity, I’m promoting personal preference.

Investing in my presentation has got to be one of the biggest confidence boosters. Your image is your brand. Make sure you have a boss glow that complements that boss mentality wherever you go.

It’s no secret that the way you care and groom for ourselves plays a major factor in our overall mood. In fact, according to research, it’s been proven repeatedly that dressing (for your body type especially, since it flatters your shape) up for you creates a stronger sense of confidence, self-love and more vibrant personality.

I know for myself, I felt my wardrobe lacked life. The solid colors just seemed so dead for me. Suddenly I had a craving for new colors and prints and patterns…and so that’s what I actively seek to add!

Do what works for you. Whether it’s a change (or adding) in your closet. Or some makeup and body care essentials. Or even some hair and nails. If you desire it, even if for once a while, make it happen for you!

Remember one thing though: your confidence is in you, not the clothing!

Going back to my post on the burdens of superficial insecurity , your worth is not determined by the external but instead your internal attributes.

Are you a kind person? (Do you show respect and love to others?)

Are you a vibrant person? (Do you impact people’s lives through your joy and kind heart?)

And most importantly, do you know who you are and to whom you belong to? (Because as God’s children, we are unstoppable. We carry a light form in side of us that is meant to make us stand apart.)

Remember to love Him first (in knowing and loving Him, you can do the same for yourself and unto others), to appreciate you and then to work on ways to boost yourself.

Don’t let people put a limit on what makes you happy. In fact that’s the freeing part in all of this: your walk with God, and your growing process in cherishing yourself.

I hope this post helps you to create a stronger sense of self! Remember to dress the part, and most importantly to be carefree. Honor Him with your body (modesty is still important), and don’t be afraid to feel good for you ❤️


(Side note: I have recently created a Poshmark closet (online shopping platform for anyone not sure). If you are interested in purchasing any items, or referring what you see to family and friends, please do so!Will be sharing inventory updates and info on my Instagram and Twitter (if you don’t follow me already) so make sure to check it out! Proceeds made before June 7th will be contributed towards a Pinky Promise Conference (check my gofundme link for more info.)


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