Self Investment Series: Key Disciplines

A disciplined life is a happy life. I’m sure you’ve heard that before.

But what does that mean? What does it look like?

Well, to be disciplined is to be structured. You have a set agenda with a stern mindset. Someone who’s disciplined knows what they want and are willing to work for it. They understand the greatness in completion, and implement the steps necessary for change.

It Starts With Your Attitude

Here’s to all my fellow procrastinators. There will come a point where the game becomes played out. No longer will you see the point of holding things off. No longer will you neglect your word. You will become sick of yourself and you will want to do better. When you reach that point of frustration, run with it.

Sometimes we have to get so tired of doing it our own way that we submit to doing it the correct way.

 Like a city whose walls are broken through is a person who lacks self control. (Proverbs 25:28)

Ever meet someone who swears up and down they’ll become someone. They have so many goals and believe they are called to do so much yet put in so little? The dreamer with false ambition is what I like to call it.

Dreamer syndrome will cause you to think more than you act. You will find yourself fantasizing all day long without even the thought of execution crossing your mind (if this is you, leave that person behind).

It’s fun to dream and wonder but for how long?

How long can you stay stuck in the arena of possibility?

Don’t be that person who can’t finish what they start. Someone who is so driven by the idea but lost in sustaining the effort.

Don’t be that person who wants everything but can’t start at least something.

Infollowing this path, you are setting yourself up for confusion. Each moment will be a “new inspiration” only to replace it for the “next best thing” and so forth.

This life will only lead to destruction.

Where Key Disciplines Come In

In a society that operates based on emotion, we praise anyone strong enough to beat all odds. Someone who can rise above average, and actually work for what they say they want.

We praise the person who goes to the gym for dedicating their time to living right.

We praise the business owner for taking financial risks and public ridicule just to see their company grow.

We praise the celebrity for persistently putting themselves out there rejection after rejection only to make a big name for themselves as a result.

Anyone with the courage to do what it is we feel we “can’t do” is seen as lucky.

But how does luck get some people places and not others (which to me is ridiculous, luck doesn’t exist)? What is the answer to the madness? What makes these individuals good at what they do?

Well, the way to become successful is to become consistent, and in order to become consistent you have to be…….disciplined!!!

Everyone successful at what they do all follow a regimen.

They know that no matter how many ideas come to mind, only action will bring them to life. They understand that a plan must be prepared, and a desire to keep going must be there.

To become rich in all you do, you must be rich.

That person in the gym became sick of their excuses and become stern. That business owner became tired of working for the 9-5, and set a life of their own. That celebrity had a hunger for stardom and could not rest until their thirst was satisfied.

What makes these individuals rich is not their extraordinary work but their faith to becoming great.

They believed in themselves, and could not rest until their conquest was made.

Unfortunately, the majority of people are limited in life because they live life with a poor mindsets.

We are conditioned to believe everything we are fed. Assuming that opportunities can only be handed to the greatest competitor. Trusting educators with every single thing they teach us. Depending on employers to secure us for the rest of our lives (never mind the unpredictability of the job market, and seeing how many hardworking people get laid off everyday). Relying on others to recognize us and to give us a name.

When you have a rich mindset, you understand that you are your greatest advocate. You don’t wait on a hand out because you are your brand.

The only bridge between you and your dreams is yourself therefore you know the only way to get there is by becoming disciplined.

No matter the fear or perceived difficulty, you know all you have are the resources at hand. Therefore, you’ll grind harder because you know your only shot is now.

My Final Thoughts

Don’t wait for that opportunity to come, create one. Pave the way and carry that legacy.

Begin by making a list. Write out your goals, followed by the steps you need to take. If you don’t know what to do, research is your best friend.

Whether you have to do a quick google check, pick up a book, network with someone, watch videos, make the time to learn.

Create a schedule you know you can follow. Be realistic and honest with yourself. If 30 minutes is all you can afford to do, start there (because that is something, and it is guaranteed to make a huge difference in the long run).

Make flash cards, hang up pictures, create a dream board (which reminds me, I need to get up on my board)!!

Whatever you do, do it with passion and dedication. After all, you must see the vision and design the visual.

Start somewhere, and in time you’ll be proud you did so.


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Writer who spreads Christ's message to deliver lost souls from their painful beginnings so they can experience a transformed renewing.

9 thoughts on “Self Investment Series: Key Disciplines

  1. I absolutely LOVED this! I especially loved when you said “Don’t wait for an opportunity to come, CREATE ONE!” …Wow! What I’ve found in my own life is that a lot of the times God will limit your resources to pull out the creativity He’s placed on the inside of you. He desires more than ever to see the manifestation of what He placed on the inside of us! Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts. Very encouraging 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes amen, He most certainty does! That was very well said 👏🏽👏🏽 And I agree 100% When we use what is in our hands, we are showing God that we trust in Him to do what He said will be done. Meet God with devoted effort, and He will cover the rest!

      I am glad this post touched you, glory be to God 🙏🏽❤️

      Liked by 1 person

  2. “Don’t wait for opportunity to come, create one” This is so deep. Self discipline is vital for being successful especially with passions such as blogging. It is not easy and you aren’t always going to want to do it! Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! And yes, that is very much true. As you said, it may not always be easy but what keeps someone going is the passion that pushed them to start in the first place. When an individual sees the significance of their position, they understand the work being produced is for God’s glory. And that right there is what gets the wheel going for discipline and productivity! ✨

      Liked by 1 person

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