What Is On the Other Side of Fear?

How many of you have passed up great opportunities in life due to fear? I know I have. We all have had our fair share of allowing our doubts to rule our actions. To wonder what it would be like to take “that chance” only to second guess ourselves, and never make a move.

For some, it can be the fear of trying something new.

Or the fear to keep progress going.

It’s easy to talk about what makes you dissatisfied. Like how unhappy that person makes you or how awful that job is. How dreadful life is but never proposing a solution brought up to fix those things.

In looking at the issue, you overlook what and how to fix this area (hence the necessary changes to make the experience more worthwhile).

Harsh Reality

In a world full of talkers, not much action gets done. You’ll hear about it, but you won’t see anything happen.

And no, this isn’t a rant about me being completely above all obstacles. That I am completely fearless in all that I do. We are human, and to some degree we each have our fair share of panic and worry. The point though in all of this is that we have to come to a point where we confront the fear that’s been created in our own minds.

Half of the time, our doubts will never come true yet we speak them in existence through our limiting words and shielded demeanor.

To you, and myself included, learn to walk bold facing your fear head on. It is okay to acknowledge your weakness, while at the same time going for the opportunity anyway.

What God Reminds Us All

Remember, we are never in this life journey alone. For it is written in our Father’s Word to have no fear because He is with us and will not leave. (Isaiah 41:10)

On the other side of fear lies completion.

On the other side of fear lies eternal riches.

God does not want us to ever come to a point of excessive worry. Nor does he desire for us to become so fearful of living that we are entrapped in the false pretenses fed through our thoughts and imaginations.

Whatever negative image pops up, rebuke it in the name of Jesus. Cast down the thoughts from your mind, and fight it back with the Word of God. (2 Corinthians 10:5)

Understand the power that you have and the light you carry.

It is told to us that in all things we are given strength through our Savior, Jesus Christ (Philippians 4:13)

Read and mediate daily. Seek guidance through prayer. Keep His Word planted in your heart.

And rest to sure that in doing so, no matter what situation occurs, you will get through it because (as long as it is in His Will) God has you covered. 😇


Side note:

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