Self Investment Series: Establish Your Network

Take a look at some of the followers you have on social media.

Out of that list, how many people match the following criteria?

  • Seem genuinely at peace with their lives.
  • Keep their personal business private.
  • Post positive and motivational content.
  • Spend their time being productive (aka not partying and getting wasted or high every other weekend but working ahead so that they’re future is secured).
  • Inspire you to achieve more through in your everyday routine/overall lifestyle.

Personally, I view the people you follow as a reflection of the person you are or aspire to become. If you desire to become successful, you’re gonna want to follow more established people (and if you’re pretty complacent with where you are, that too will reflect itself).

Most, if not all, people I follow and interact with on social media are individuals striving for the goals they set. The category they follow in usually are:

  • Writers/authors
  • Bloggers
  • Business owners
  • Entrepreneurs
  • YouTubers

(And of course the occasional bunch of college students looking to graduate so they can get started on whatever they have planned).

Because I say I want to become successful, I engage with people who are at a level of building or at the point of mastered achievement.

Why this matters?

Just as I talked about in my post about regrouping your inner circle, individuals who you are around have the power to mold your identity. In the context of online profiles, while you may not know everyone you follow, you do get a reaction from the stuff they post.

Some people’s content might spark inspiration and joy to do better. The minute you see their post or read their status, you know it’s a reality check for you to get your grind going. Or even, just a refresher as their words alone can keep you in check (which I love as God will use anyone to reach your heart and spirit 😇). You can respect their ambition while still working on developing (or enhancing) yours.

In the same instance, you can also feel a strong and overwhelming rush of negative emotions. There may be a person’s profile who ignites jealousy and comparison in your heart. Everything you see them post causes you great discontentment in how you’re living, urgency to go out and compete for the same title, or envy in what and how they get their’s.

Bottom line: Your social media followers are just (if not more) influential towards your emotions and personal decision making.

What I advise to anyone working on bettering themselves is to start fresh. Go through your list of followers, as you would with people in your phone contact, and start deleting what doesn’t need to be there: the unambitious and the unsupportive.

The next thing I’d do is go and search for users already experienced in the field/niche you’re interested in.

Talent on social media is everywhere, and you have to learn somewhere (don’t be fooled into the misconception that “you don’t need anyone’s help”. We all need help and can use support, especially those with a proven track record. Especially with the way technology is now a days, it is just that easy with a simple click).

If you want to take on art, dancing, fashion, photography, singing, modeling or whatever have you, take advantage of the many wonderful talents out there!

If you want to learn how to start your own business or ministry, take the time to search up existing coaches, CEO’s , entrepreneurs and pastoral leaders.

All you have to do is search up people, groups and hashtags with keywords that directly target your interest.

See their strategies and learn how they operate. Nothing wrong with studying the “how”.

  • What are their key disciplines?
  • What keeps them consistent?
  • What is the source and foundation of their success (hopefully Christ 😅)?

Once you follow them, don’t stop there and just fade away, reach out!

I have a number of followers whom I engage with frequently, and a select few whom I privately message for professional and personal advice.

Don’t be afraid to send someone you admire a message. Even if you’re not asking for something, let them know the impact their page has on you (if any, we want to be genuine of course)!

I love giving (and receiving) messages like that. It really helps the other person know that they’re doing something right if they have the ability to touch at least one person. Also, it lets them know what content works and what doesn’t.

Although sites like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are more casual, I think it’s important to some degree to treat it as a Linkedin Page.

Especially if you are building a brand on your page, what you post and how you engage with others matters.

Whether you want to be an owner or influencer of some sort, it is important to visualize your profile as a portfolio and viewers as potential clients.

Considering that the majority of us are on our phones a lot during the day, we should at the very least be investing our time with caution. Guard your heart from people and posts that deter your focus so you can do what it is you need to do.

Side note:

(For anyone interested in seeing more faith based, motivational and lifestyle content, be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter.

Also my loves, I have a favor to ask! In June, I will be attending a Pinky Promise Conference in Atlanta, Georgia.

If anyone can, please click here at my gofundme link. There I’ve posted relevant information pertaining to what this event is, and how my attendance can benefit you all here at theunspokentestimony! Appreciative of any prayers and/or donations you can send. Thank you ❤️)


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4 thoughts on “Self Investment Series: Establish Your Network

  1. I agree with this completely. I literally slowly but surely am unfollowing people on my Instagram and it has made my feed full of things that inspire me instead of annoy me. Great post!

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  2. This was good. My pastor says you should strive to be in a group where you are looking up to them and taking notes. Great reminder that this does not only apply to our inner circle but also to our entire sphere of influence!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Funny you mentioned that because that’s where this topic derived from. In Church, we are reminded by our leaders to look up to someone with experience, and to be held accountable for our actions. It’s just important to know, as you stated, to take it one step further by seeing how this principle is applicable in all aspects. We are always influenced from somewhere, might as well make it useful!

      Liked by 1 person

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