What Legacy Are You Carrying?

Maybe you’re the first person in your family to graduate from college. Or the first to own your business.

The first person to make public appearances, and network with big prominent names.

The first person to publish a book or the first travel around the world.

Whatever it is, you will be the one to carry a new legacy. Whether starting a new tradition, sparking new train of thought or generating an unspeakable amount of wealth.

This moment is made just for you, so you can leave impact.

If you ask me…

The younger you are, the greater advantage you have of thinking about stuff like this, at the very least (however this doesn’t disqualify you of course if you are any older).

This is a generation of innovation. Millennials with a dream extending larger than what’s been taught to them. Finally a day in age where people actually question what success “is”.

Because you see, the way the educational system is designed, no one wants you to aspire to become something bigger than the traditional norm.

From the time we are kids to the time we are young adults studying in college, we are taught how to work for the big man. How to make make someone else rich by working under them to make their reality come true.

But what about yours?

What about your goals? What about your desires and your deepest passions? Has anyone ever took the time to care or ask? Chances are, those odds are slim to none.

But here’s the bright side!

The cycle of misery that follows this traditional route does not have to be for you!

(And just to put it out there, for those of you who are going to school and aspire to become a lawyer, doctor, teacher, office employee or whatever have you, I am not knocking your dream by any means! Nor am I knocking education. College is important and if you want to go, go for the right reasons. Do what makes you happy, and what brings you peace. This is strictly for anyone who feels confined to following the status quo. Doing what they are told versus pursuing what they dream…now back to my rant 😅…)

You can choose to say “no”.

I know your family has their agenda all planned out for you. And I know your friends all decided on their career route. But if it doesn’t settle well with you, it just doesn’t and that’s perfectly okay!

Now that we’ve identified what you don’t want to do, what is it that you are going to do?

As discussed in an earlier segment on finding your passion, it is important to find a niche that makes you feel at home. For many it can be revisiting childhood dreams while for others it can be taking a while to figure out through trial and error.

Whatever you decide to work on, go for it. And don’t try to confine yourself into one category. If you feel like you are good at multiple things, GO FOR IT!!

Once you discover your area(s), build it on solid ground

What you are motivated by determine the outcome.

So ask yourself, is this something you want to do out of love or out of greed? Money can only take you so far, so if that’s the driving force be prepared for a lot of stress and regretful decisions.

Greed is like lust, only leading you to want more. Don’t put yourself in a position of having to compromise or manipulate because that will only make way for a dead end route.

But when it’s of love, there will come spurts of excitement and joy…indication that this here is where you belong.

And this glory won’t be for you, it will be for so much greater (give it up for…..the G.O.D. 🙏🏽)

When doing something that is meant for you, and brings fruition to your life, be prepared for it to reap benefits for all generations to follow (and trust me when you don’t do different or better for yourself, you will sow some regrettable seeds so think wisely).

Be the one to pave the way for success. To give something for your children and children’s children to remember.

It all starts with what you work on today.

Start small. Do your research. Be consistent.

With anything in life, be prepared to work for it. The key to getting anything done is through self control so be prepared to become disciplined.

The friends you have, the people you follow on social media, the network you build, this is all crucial to influencing your path.

Just remember to keep Christ in the center of all that you do, and speak these visions into existence.

And on that note….

I hope this Motivational Monday messaged served its purpose for you all 😊

With everything said, I have a goal of my I’d like to see carry through for the month. In June, I will be attending a Pinky Promise Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. I am so excited as I will be introduced to an open and safe space of worship. Meeting women from all over the world, as we build in fellowship and sanctification of the Word.

With all the juicy content (such as empowerment, confidence, trust, personal building and career development, etc.), I genuinely cannot wait to share this life changing experience with you all! If anyone is interested in helping me raise enough for the trip, I would really appreciate it ❤️ Otherwise, prayers and thoughtful messages would also be very much helpful. Please check here for more information 💕

Thank you lovelies, I hope you have a blessed week ❤️


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Writer who spreads Christ's message to deliver lost souls from their painful beginnings so they can experience a transformed renewing.

4 thoughts on “What Legacy Are You Carrying?

    1. That’s good, haha! I’m glad it sparked some thought cause that’s really a question we all should be asking ourselves. Like what is something we can works towards daily to achieve a goal that holds power to change the course of everyone’s life around us/to come!


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