Serve with a Willing Heart (Pt. 2)

Hey everyone!

So last Monday I talked about serving with a willing heart. During that week, it became very tough and hectic at work. For those of you who do not know, I currently work at a daycare which is fun but definitely can be challenging at times. For sure, I knew my faith and patience were being tested as I had to learn to cope and maintain my cool in a very unsteady situation.

Between juggling cleaning and organizational responsibilities, along with managing the little ones, it got really tough trying to keep transitions smooth.

Well, in the midst of being overwhelmed, God spoke to me to remind me to not give up. Don’t give up when things get difficult, and do not give up especially on other individuals.

What He Planted On My Heart To Share With You All:

Do not retreat when stress levels reach an ultimate high. Understand your call to serve while on the job, whether or not the day is a “good” one. You are a representation of Christ, and need to be mindful of the influence you have on others. We are called to be a witness to other people, which is why we must continue to be led by the spirit.

Whenever you feel you are not being heard or respected, it is important that you learn to be assertive while still being respectful.

Many times we want to tell our boss or co-worker “how it is”, and this often creates even more tension. You are so caught up in the emotional aspect of feeling offended and disrespected that you completely disregard what is logical and sensible. Rather than holding your tongue, you lash out, argue, criticize or become passive aggressive which ruins your witness.

What Has Helped Me Serve More Obediently

Naturally, when you are in an uncomfortable situation, your mind will bring you to many, many thoughts.

Chances are you will automatically feel attacked. Your mind, if not disciplined, will leave room for victimization, justifying the right to hold a grudge against the other individual.

Whenever that thought arises, keep in mind to immediately cast down the imagination (2 Corinthians 10:5). As God’s children, we must learn to love another as Christ loves us (John 13:34). Especially if are working a secular job, it is important especially to respond to unpleasantness with kindness (as love will always soften a hardened heart). Demonstrate forgiveness so that you are representation of God’s light, setting the example of how love ought to be (as we should not hold anything against anyone but instead learn to accept and let go).

Yes, I know it hurts you when you are spoken to rudely. And yes, I know it can be offensive when you feel you have to ask for kindness and decency. But understand that we are all imperfect. We all have done things to cause God’s heart to grieve, and so we should not hold someone else to such a rigid standard when it is the Lord who forgives us for all the wrong we commit towards Him.

Use Your Voice

I know for sure, God was testing me as I had encountered an uncomfortable situation with a co-worker. Why this situation is so remarkable is because I was able to see how much I am continuing to grow.  As someone who struggled so much with a defensive spirit, feeling as though I always had to prove something and have the last word, I really was in awe with how I calmly expressed myself without offending the other person. Although communicating my emotions is a challenge for me, God gives me the grace to improve not only my thoughts but my delivery.

Understand that while you may be doing all that you can, or think you are at least, there’s still more required of you.

Do you feel that you are being asked to do so much? Maybe it’s because you are not doing nearly enough as you think.

Personally, I felt I was doing everything right until my co-worker reminded me of what I could have been doing better. Criticism can be hard to receive for some, especially when we already feel we are doing the best we can.

The beauty of communication though is self improvement. Remember, it’s not just about them hearing about themselves, but your spirit getting checked as well.

Like little kids, we want to play victim and smile when the other person is getting called out. But this is not how adulthood works. What you dish out, you must be prepared to receive in return. So be prepared to hear what the other person tells you because it is just as important.

So For Those of You in Similar Situations…

Remember where you stand in Christ. Whatever, with whomever, the circumstance may be you should always “be swift to heart, slow to speak, slow to wrath.” (James 1:19)

God will place us in uncomfortable situations in order to build our faith. Remember He is our Father whose discipline is a reminder of His love for us. His Word tells us to not despise chastening (discipline) for He loveth the chasteneth (Hebrews 12: 5-6). In other words, God cares for us and this is apparent even in face of opposition and conflict.

His Only Son endured such persecution, and so it is expected of His people (us) to undergo the same treatment (John 15:21).  So to all you saints, please remember to be open about your struggles with an obedient and humble heart. Pray for a willingness to practice demonstrating unconditional love unto others.

Bless you, and I hope you have a wonderful week!


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