Serve With a Willing Heart

Let’s be honest, many of us don’t want to be told what to do.

Many don’t want to be given rules and orders. They don’t want to be told they aren’t doing good enough.

For instance, think of when you are at work. According to you, you’re doing all that you can until your boss comes in reminding you of all the mistakes you’ve made. Telling you what needs to be done, or what could be done better.

Our first instinct may be to get frustrated or offended. We might spend time questioning everything, because of course it’s them not you. You’ve done all you could do, right?

But what if this isn’t it? What if in fact this is for a learning purpose?

God’s Reason

A topic that is unpopular by some but important to understand: submission

By definition, submission is the action or fact of accepted or yielding to a superior force or to the will or authority of another person.

In the context of the Bible, God calls us to submit unto Him. To maintain order and structure, we must acknowledge our Lord and who he appoints as our head. For in Romans 13: 1, “Everyone must submit to governing authorities. For all authority comes from God, and those in positions of authority have been placed there by God.”

In fearing and obeying our Lord, we ought to understand and respect the position others are given. Whether it is a parent and child, husband and wife, pastor and church members, teacher and student, boss and employee…God wants for us to respect our head.

Do Not Confuse Worldly Doctrine with Biblical Doctrine

According to the world, to submit is to be weak.

  • I’m not going to respect my parents because they don’t respect me.
  • I’m not going to respect my husband because he doesn’t deserve my respect.
  • I’m not going to respect my pastor because I don’t agree with his teaching.
  • I’m not going to respect my teacher because he/she doesn’t know as much as I do.
  • I’m not going to respect my boss because he/she should be put in their place.

I know I once thought the same thing. I thought submission mirrored weakness, and that my kindness would be taken for granted. Like many, I questioned why I had to be nice, even to those who weren’t always so loving.

In our society, we want to protect our feelings so bad that we guard our hearts. We fear being taken advantage of, and so we feel the only way to assert ourselves is by telling someone off (or what this generation calls, clapping back)

But submission doesn’t say all.

Submission says “I respect the leader God has appointed in my life to mold me into the individual He desires me to become.”

What people do not understand is that self government is recipe for failure. We cannot teach and rule over ourselves which is why we need people to teach us. We need to be led by example, even when it doesn’t seem “fair”.

“Whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men; knowing that of the Lord ye shall receive the reward of the inheritance. For ye serve the Lord Christ.” (Colossians 3:23 KJV)

In order to become a great leader, you must first become a great servant.

Just look at Christ! His life proves servanthood is necessary to pleasing God. He got on that cross to pay the price for our sins, His sacrifice is our reward!

When you feel the pressure is too hot at home, at the workplace, or in the Church, take a step back and acknowledge this stumbling block as a learning opportunity to do better.

Whether it’s just taking a deep breath and taming your tongue, pray unto God to give you peace and understanding. In that moment of silence, talk to Him asking to reveal what the purpose and benefit from this moment.

Yes, the pressure does build and at times can feel unbearable. There are moments where you will be tempted at any given moment to spazz, shut down and retreat. (after all we are human, and it is normal) The thing is though, is to become disciplined and to starve your freshly desire; this can be done through prayer, reading, meditation (not memorization of the Word), worship and fasting. Understand that God’s love and reasoning is much more glorifying.

Submission, just like any other lesson, is something we will always need learning in. In our walk there will never be an arrival or final destination, as we will be taught something new every time. Remember to do all things for and by Him trusting He will keep His Word by fulfilling the promise ❤️


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6 thoughts on “Serve With a Willing Heart

  1. It’s important as believers we are guided by the Spirit to decipher the truth from deception. Speaking for myself, I know I had a lot of opposition against submission because of adopting so many worldly views. Thank you for reading and commenting, appreciate it! God bless you ❤️


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