Stop Complaining, Start Appreciating

I must admit, a very massive pet peeve of mine are complainers.

Now granted, I once was a complainer myself and still of course there is always an occasional complaint that will slip out…we are human. Not everyday is a happy day, and there are times where people or situations will drive us nuts. But if it comes to a point where you overlook the positive, and just overall never reach a point where you are tired of always seeing the negative, you are classified as a chronic complainer.

What are the facts?

According to research, most people complain at least once a minute during conversation. (yikes) This isn’t so surprising as we see it everywhere: school, workplace, home, Church (yes Church), and any other private/public area.

Complaining is a form of communication, and even bonding for many.

But this is so problematic. It’s detrimental not only to your emotional and mental health, but your physical being as well.

As many of us may know, complaining is directly linked to our stress levels. Therefore if you find yourself constantly complaining, you should be aware of some major health culprits:

  • learning and memory loss
  • decreased immune function and bone density,
  • increased/decreased weight
  • high blood pressure
  • high cholestrol
  • heart disease

Now look here, I am not saying that one complaint will be the end of you (however when you do experience health issues later down the road, don’t be too surprised cause I did warn you 😅). What I am saying though is that if you see yourself constantly looking at the negative, you will be hurting yourself in the long run. In no way is it good for any of us to live life focused on the bad. It will never get you where you need to be, and will sure be the reason for constant blockage.What you reap is what you sow so do not blindly walk into a dark path hoping for longevity.

How to Do Better

Good news is, we have the ability to change our mindset! The way we view life can always be adjusted just by a shift in thoughts and habits.

Listed below are a few key tips that I’ve found helpful:

  1. Prayer changes things! Don’t think I was going to ramble on without giving credit to the Lord Himself 😊. Christ is the antidote to all our problems. Whenever you desire change, remember that you cannot change your life based on desire alone. There must be a foundation that holds everything together. Let Him be the base that keeps you afloat.
  2. Evaluate the number of times you complain: What I find very helpful (in general) is to examine how often I say something negative. You will be amazed at how much goes on in your head, especially thoughts that becomes second nature. I guarantee that when you note the number of times you point out something “bad”, that will be enough for you to want to try better.
  3. Instead of analyzing each flaw, focus on the good: Ever witnessed first hand someone who just always finds something wrong. Like nothing ever makes them satisfied? The reason for this is that they are genuinely used to pointing out the error in each situation. Our brain truly is reinforced by habit so make sure you recognize what yours is, and from there make an effort to find a solution.
  4. Count Your Blessings: Sometimes we get so fixated on what we don’t have that we fail to realize what is already here. A very helpful tip I came across a couple years back was to create a list of all the things I was grateful for. A list filled with at least 10, 20 things (less or more but you get the picture) to be joyful for, and give credit to God for what He’s given you.
  5. Surround yourself with more positive people. I talked about protecting your peace and also about investing in a better inner circle. Our environments really shape who we are, and it is important to find people who inspire you. People who motivate you to do better, instead of living in comfort and complacency (I, for one, am not willing to stay around people who kill my joy). Learn to limit or remove interaction with certain people all together. Nothing greater than living your best life: one filled with joy, peace and contentment in its entirety.
  6. Remember that we live only once! Something I love to remind people is that there is only once chance to do it right. One time to figure out how everything works. One opportunity to fix what was left broken or undone. Stop taking life for granted because you never know when your final day will come. We get so used to taking things for granted that we don’t even understand how much can be taken away!

Concluding thought

I hope you all found this list helpful. As I said prior, everyday will not be a happy day. Some days will be greater than others. However, it is important to get in the habit of being joyful and counting our blessings. We each have something to be grateful for, and should always remember that!

Until Wednesday, see you guys soon! Have a great week ❤️


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Writer who spreads Christ's message to deliver lost souls from their painful beginnings so they can experience a transformed renewing.

6 thoughts on “Stop Complaining, Start Appreciating

  1. This is a pet peeve of mine too. I know life can be hard but as beautiful as life is, complaining seems like such a waste. We’re all human but paying attention to your level of gratitude is so important. Love this post. And I love your tips!

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