What Is Self-Investing?

Sometimes it is so easy for us to get caught up in putting everyone and everything before ourselves.

As mentioned in a topic I discussed about overextending yourself, it is so important to set that boundary of space and respect. Never place yourself in a position where you are showing others that you don’t matter. You set the example for the way others treat you, so be mindful of what you are deeming acceptable and unacceptable by your actions.

Now unto self investments.

What is a self investment?

As it reads, a self investment is taking the time to “invest” in yourself.

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, I love to talk about loving yourself and owning who you are.

This is an area, by far, where many people struggle with. There seems to be a large misunderstanding in what it means to really be content with who you are.

Investing in yourself is not just about the material needs, but also the emotional and spiritual needs.

You cannot love yourself by trying to find satisfaction in people, wealth, fame, titles and status. You cannot love yourself if you are surrounded by others constantly to compensate for an empty void inside. You cannot love yourself if you simply do not know who you are. In order to self-invest, you need to know you.

We can spend our entire lives being lost in someone else, unaware of the desires and longings of our own heart.

We spend so much time trying to fix others that we neglect to care and work for ourselves.

It has to get to a point where you need to ask yourself:

Self, how can “I” do better? How can “I” become a “better me”? What makes me “me” and how can “I” work on that?

There are certain things that care to our specific needs just as there are certain methods that speak to us.

For example, think about the way a student learns. Some students are more hands on, others are more visual. Everyone has a particular way of going about things in order to receive that information.

Now how does this relate to self investments, I’ll tell you how.

In order to self-invest, you need to have a goal set in mind. There needs to be a set of ideas that work for you and are attainable. With that also requires a reward system set to keep you going.

In order to self invest you need to build yourself.

Now the way to build yourself is to work towards progression. How can you evolve emotionally, spiritually, intellectually, financially? (For the sake of this topic, I am going to focus more on the internal rather than monetizing as money will always come and go. The more important factor is, again, how to be a better you? Because when you think better, you act better. And when you act better, you accomplish more.)

What is it that you want to accomplish in life, and how can you get there?

The way to answer this is for you to put the thoughts unto paper, and implement from there. List out the goals you desire, figure out how to attain them, and work consistently to achieve them.

Ultimately, you need to have the vision to get anywhere in life. A person’s drive can only be backed up by their dream. And their dream can only come to life with effort and discipline to get it running.

Stay tuned as I will be posting a lifestyle self investment series. While I can’t sit here and outline a personalized blueprint for you, I can give you ideas along the way to get your mind thinking.  Will be posting tips, source recommendations, activities, self-assessments,and self-care regimens geared towards edifying the spirit and soul. Without the motivation, we can only get so far therefore lets use what is in our hands to make 2018 a memorable year!


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