Finding Your Passion

Prior to this year, if you were to ask me what I was good at, most likely I would scramble to find an answer.

But doesn’t everyone have something they are good at, I mean there’s always something right?

From all the many and vast amount of incredible dancers, singers, actors, poets, performers, speakers, photographers, painters, writers….list can go on.

Well during my younger years, I tried figuring out what made me, me.

The Talent/Niche Search

At around 7, if I am not mistaken, my mom placed me on a soccer team outside of school. I loved it, the one sport that I really enjoyed (and if we went to high school you know how aggressive and hype I got when we’d play during gym lol). Unfortunately, this only lasted for a few weeks due to not being able to have a ride to practice.

Then at 7 going on 8 years old, my mom placed me in Barbizon Modeling. As wonderful as that was, I also remember being incredibly shy. That would have been the perfect way to have really grown out of my shell, but it was wayyy out of budget which meant my modeling days would be short-lived. Still to this day though it remains a memorable experience.

Later at 11 years old, my mom signed me up for cooking classes at Young Chef’s Academy. I remember the purple bag, little white apron and huge recipe book that I’d carry around. I swore I’d be a chef, looking into potential cooking schools for both high school and college. But again, that just wasn’t it.

Somewhere between 12 and 13 years old, I started to really think a lot about writing. Would I become a book writer? A blogger? A poet? (All ideas I pitched for but never took it seriously as I did not invest enough time into it)

In high school, for sure I thought I’d become a journalist. I told everyone that I would be, even did an internship convinced this was it. (though it leaned more towards broadcast journalism, which expanded my horizons as I originally had wanted to stay behind the scenes) Thought about multiple journalism directions including abroad, broadcast investigative, and editorial/publishing. As college was approaching, I really felt the pressure of having to choose what career I’d ultimately settle for the rest of my life. And boy I tell you, I really feel for students who are given such a short amount of time to think about something so long term and permanent. The gap to decide between high school and college is really so unrealistic (not all of us have that stuff figured out early on you know)!

Something I never really told anyone though was my fear of not being good enough in that field. I really could not figure out my placement in journalism, and still needed more time to think. With most of my family in business, and their not so encouraging words at the time, I was scared that I would be stuck at a job that payed horrible (as that can be a very big down side depending on where you end up). Heard the horror stories of people struggling to find work after graduating, and thought to myself “man I can’t afford to be like that.

Ideally: Wanted to double major in business and communications, then major in business with communications as a minor.

What happened: I entered college as a business undecided major (which fun fact I didn’t know at the time, thought I was a business admin.). In between semesters, I struggled as I learned how much I loved psychology, and wasn’t sure if that would be an area of interest (since as a kid I always loved figuring people out and in my spare time would research things not knowing it had a name/theory behind it). It wasn’t until my junior year, that I changed to a business management major.

So what was the final verdict?

Last year, I realized I made the mistake of rushing to soon. Never really gave myself enough time nor the opportunity to discover what I was good at while in school. I can ramble on and on about this topic but to save you all the time, I will leave it at this:

Truthfully I knew I had the skill-set and experience to do well in the office. But lets face it, the corporate world is boring. The 9-5 is dreadful, and no one in that office has any real joy, goals or ambition aside from doing what they are told. With the creative and free spirited mind that I have, that wouldn’t quite cut it for a life long commitment.

I realized all along my gift and purpose was writing! And the reason I couldn’t figure out my place in the workforce was because… is sadly not for me. Thankfully through prayer and constant communication with God, asking Him to reveal my calling, I found my home in writing. Here I am now revisiting my dream to write and blog (as well as my other goals to which in time shall come to part).

Advice to anyone struggling to find their talent.

One thing I cannot stress enough, DO NOT SETTLE.

Do not limit yourself because you don’t feel you are good enough for anything. Do not just go with the flow because you see that is what others are doing? Do not allow family and friends to influence decision making for YOUR life.

If you feel pressured to have to pick something, don’t. You aren’t running on anyone’s time but your own. The process can take a while for some, and can be intimidating and stressful at times. But do not stop exploring! There will be a ton of ideas, and times where you feel that this is the one. Never be afraid to just try, and do not stop until you have found your passion. It does not matter how many people are in that field.

Using myself as an example, no matter how many writers/poets/bloggers/motivational speakers there are, that’s not going to stop me from doing it too? Want to know why? Because God has given me a unique voice separate from everyone else. As long as it fills me with joy and adds to His Purpose for my life, I will continue forever.

And that is the same motivating drive to keep you going! Give yourself time to discover what that calling is. Pray on it, do research, practice some, set daily goals….do not stop until you find it and most importantly act on that dream of yours!


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Writer who spreads Christ's message to deliver lost souls from their painful beginnings so they can experience a transformed renewing.

3 thoughts on “Finding Your Passion

  1. Thank you! It definitely can be challenging since we live in a world where it is so easy to make hasty and rash decisions. A lot of times He makes us revisit our childhood to figure out what our gifts are and how it aligns with our purpose. That’s why it’s so much better trusting in Him so that we can push past our fears, and do the “impossible” haha!


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