Stop Hiding Behind Your Excuses

So in the beginning of January, I found myself wanting to press the restart button in my life. Told myself that this would be the year I’d start becoming more disciplined and just point blank start doing what I’d say I do. However, there’s one area specifically that I have been slacking on like crazy…and that would be working out.

All ready and hype, I joined Blink Fitness Gym convinced that I’d be up in there 3 days a week. Let me tell you the lie I set myself up for 😭

So month 1 (January), I started off good and strong. Even had a gym buddy, which helped us both stay on track. Month 2 (February) comes, and the gym trips became less apparent. And now as month 3 (March) comes to an end, my trips to Blink have officially been non-existent.

Where did I go wrong?

Originally, I had a part time job and was trying to figure out how to properly manage my time between three categories: personal, blogging, and gym.

Some days I committed to the schedule, other (actually no that’s too generous, most) days I was just lazy.

Then I went through a brief moment where I spent a lot of time job searching for a full time position. Told myself so many reasons why working out was not an option.

“Oh I don’t really have many groceries, and I am not trying to lose weight in the process.”

“Oh well I don’t feel like waking up.”

“Oh look at all the snow, I’m not walking that way today.” (For those of you out in Long Island, you know this March has been crazy with the snow)

“Oh damn I didn’t go today, I’ll go again tomorrow.”

My point in all of this…

Stop making reasons for WHY you can’t do something. You are only prolonging the process, and in that time spent, you could have seen a lot of growth and flourishing.

Each time something came up, I made another reason “why it couldn’t happen.” Even now, I’m still procrastinating truth be told (With working full time, it can really drain you of your energy, just to put that out there! 😭). But in all seriousness, I know openly admitting this to myself, and posting it on here for you guys to see will help keep me accountable moving forward.

How may this benefit you?

We all have said we’d start something at one point, and never followed through with it.

It’s natural, it happens, it gets to the best of us.

To combat procrastination, you need to first be honest with yourself. What is preventing you from doing what you need to do? And most importantly, how can you get past the distractions so you can get it done? Something I personally find helpful is planning and self assessing.

Let’s go back to my example with working out. Well truth be told, I have never stayed consistent with working out, like ever lol. In eight grade, I ran track and that was only for the spring. Later in sophomore year of high school, I found myself inspired to return to the track field. Not to run, but to jog and exercise outdoors as I really wanted to gain weight healthily and stay toned. I would wake up as early as 6am to run around Astoria Park. I did this mostly weekends, posting my time spent on Instagram. This pattern was very seasonal as I found myself super pumped and ready to go only when it was hot out. Once the cold settled in, I was no where to be found 😅 My gains and progress would go down, where I’d find myself repeating the same cycle over.


With all of this in mind, I know to be realistic with myself.

Is working out three days a week attainable? Yes

Is incorporating more calories in my diet possible? Yes

Is going to the gym anytime at all realistic? Ehhhh…

Although the gym may not always be an option, I have decided to set aside time to workout at home. Soon I hope to invest in some cheap Amazon equipment so that I can have a little station set up. That way if the gym doesn’t become manageable, I can simply cancel my membership all together (sorry Blink, but I can’t keep paying you for free).

Questions to ask yourself.

What are you not following up on?

What is the reason and what can you do about it?

Are there any alternatives?

Because you failed at doing something, doesn’t mean that you can’t pick yourself back up. The key to a happy life is a disciplined life. There isn’t one area of success that doesn’t stem from routine and effort. Somewhere, somehow you have to make the investment to do better. Find what you need to improve on, and get the inspiration needed to keep on pressing towards it!

Thank you lovelies for reading and I hope you have a fantastic week ❤️ Stay blessed ✨


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Writer who spreads Christ's message to deliver lost souls from their painful beginnings so they can experience a transformed renewing.

5 thoughts on “Stop Hiding Behind Your Excuses

  1. Haha I tell you, committing can be a pain (but still do-able). And being that you both have the little ones, I can only imagine lol. I think starting out small would be ideal, and if you can, try to increase activity. Hope you guys stick to it lol! 😊😅


  2. Thanks for sharing this, i’m finding it extremely helpful! This has motivated me to continue on my healthy lifestyle journey. I’ve noticed that I actually spend so much time making excuses and in those moments I could have worked out lol but gotta keep pushing going forward

    Liked by 1 person

    1. And thank you for reading and replying! I hope you make the time to really dedicate yourself towards healthy living. That is so important, and what we need to understand is that time is really our most valuable investment. Just keep reminding yourself of the end goal, and be inspired daily to achieve it 😊


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